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The Campaign for a New Foundation

The campaign’s objectives are to foster excellence, variety, freedom of access and independence. Specifically contributions will:

 Reduce fees for those with need

A key to Eton's success over the centuries has been the diversity of the boys it has attracted. In order to remain a school of all the talents, we should like to be able to take more boys here irrespective of the family’s means. Some would be the sons or grandsons of Old Etonian families; some would be boys of character and ability with no previous Eton connection. At present almost a sixth of the boys are on reduced fees. We should like to do better than that.
Improve and conserve Eton’s historic buildings, grounds and collections
Exceptional care is required to keep Eton in top condition. The historic fabric of the oldest buildings needs extensive, and expensive, attention.

The external stonework of College Chapel is being restored as funds are available and is Eton’s most prominent historic project. But we also need to invest in new buildings and are developing plans to re-house economics, politics, modern foreign languages and the school of mechanics.

Eton’s excellence depends on the variety as well as the quality of what it provides. The school wishes to continue to offer the widest possible choice of sports and activities, but it is a costly undertaking.  In time we need to build a new combined indoor/outdoor pool and improve the sports hall. Substantial resources are needed to improve and maintain Eton’s grounds, courts, rowing lake, pavilions and boat houses. The campaign particularly welcomes contributions to sport funds established by OEs such as cricket (The Ramblers Fund), fives (The OE Fives Fund) tennis (The Tennis Campaign), and rowing (The Vikings Fund).

College Library houses collections of international importance that are well-used by both boys and by visiting scholars. The school needs financial support to maintain and enhance this magnificent resource appropriately. Other collections also need funding. Paintings in particular need expensive conservation.

Support good teaching

Eton is committed to providing the highest quality teaching over a broad range of traditional subjects as well as newly introduced subjects such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The New Foundation seeks to endow teaching positions and subject areas.

Support is also sought for long-standing projects such as the universities and Brent-Eton summer schools, which encourage students from state schools to aim for higher academic achievement.

Musical excellence is firmly established at Eton. Everyone in the school benefits from the choirs, orchestras and bands, from the concerts they give to their work enhancing our reputation at home and abroad. We should like financial backing for music scholarships, the chapel choir, the orchestra, the brass band and the pipe band.

We make Eton’s music facilities and teaching available to some local schools and to choral courses which bring together young musicians from all over the country. We see this as part of our contribution to education, but it costs Eton money and we need financial support for it.