Careers Education

The Careers Education Centre is in the middle of Eton and is open to boys at all times. It contains information about almost all the careers that might be of interest, as well as prospectuses for universities in Britain and abroad.

Useful information is also available to boys on the Universities and Careers Education site of the Eton Firefly page.

The school is affiliated to the Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO) and parents of boys in D are invited to enrol their sons. ISCO provides Interest Questionnaires and Aptitude Tests designed to help 15–16 year-olds decide what is best for their future (and what A-level subjects might be appropriate). ISCO also arranges holiday courses and offers an individual interview service up to the age of 23.

Old Etonians, Parents and Well-wishers

The Careers Education Department is grateful for the support it receives from parents, Old Etonians and other well-wishers. If you are willing to assist by:

  • Providing work experience (within the UK or overseas)
  • Acting as an ‘Adviser’ to the annual Industrial Conference
  • Talking about your profession to small groups
  • Advising boys about their Gap year or university decisions
  • Mentoring boys who express an interest in your profession

then please contact the Head of Careers Education, Mr G.D. Fussey.