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Director of School Administration and IT

The Director of School Administration and IT is Dr Percy Harrison. He studied Physics at St. John's College, Oxford, leaving with a doctorate in Theoretical Physics. He arrived at Eton in 1984 and has previously served as Head of Physics (1989 - 1996) and Head of Science (1996 - 2008).

The Director of School Administration and IT oversees the long-term planning of the school year; this culminates in the publication of Fixtures - the booklet which contains a diary of school events, together with the list of boys and staff and other information essential to the day-to-day operation of a large and busy school. He also oversees the internal and external websites, which carry much of the same information in electronic form, as well as more general information about the workings of the school, its procedures and policies.

On the IT side, he is responsible for the management of the computer network used by boys, teaching and administrative staff, and of the helpdesk which exists to sort out staff and boys' computer problems.  He is also responsible for the strategic development of the data systems used to manage admissions, to monitor and report on academic progress, to organise sporting and other fixtures and for a range of other administrative functions.