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Documents for Downloading

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Admissions booklet
King's Scholarship prospectus
King's Scholarship application form
King's Scholarship medical form
King’s Scholarship Syllabus supplementary details
Music Scholarship prospectus
Music Scholarship application form
School Fees Assistance application form
Election Roll 2014
Previous King's Scholarship papers

Accounts and Charitable Status

Annual Report and Financial Statements to 31 August 2013


For Parents

Parents Handbook 
*for parents only, password protected. In the event of difficulty, please contact the web clerk(For admissions, please use the admissions enquiry form)

Safeguarding Policy

Information for Parents of New Boys

Chapel Bill 1 L15
Chapel Bill 2 L15
Chapel Bill 3 L15
Chapel Bill 4 L15
Chapel Bill 5 L15
Chapel Bill 6 L15
Chapel Bill 7 L15
Chapel Bill 8 L15
Chapel Bill 9 L15
Chapel Bill 10 L15


Eton Week 1 L15
Eton Week 2 L15
Eton Week 3 L15
Eton Week 4 L15
Eton Week 5 L15
Eton Week 6 L15
Eton Week 7 L15
Eton Week 8 L15
Eton Week 9 L15
Eton Week 10 L15

General Information

Statutes of Eton College
School Referencing Guide
Data Protection Policy



Boating Song song sheet
Carmen Etonense
English translation of Carmen

Music Diary L14
Music Diary S14
Music Diary M14
Music Diary L15
Music Diary S15


Eton History
Wall Game rules
Field Game rules
OCR GCSE Greek word list
OCR AS Greek word list
Academic publications

Independent School Parent Magazine (Eton is not responsible for the content of external websites).

No. 4088 
No. 4089 
No. 4090 
No. 4091
No. 4092
No. 4093

Supporting Eton

Eton donation form
American Friends of Eton College
Legacy form
Codicil form

How to find us (28.3MB)