Eton Email


If you require access to the email server and have an account there, click here.

You will be given a log-on dialogue window. Put SCHOOL\ (this applies to all boys and most staff) or FOUNDATION\ followed by your network user-name in the first box and your network password in the second box. (That’s SCHOOL or FOUNDATION followed by a backslash "\" and then your user-name, without any spaces.) The password is case-sensitive. Do not change any of the security settings.

You will see a web page based on your Outlook Inbox. On the left are icons that imitate the Outlook bar for switching between Inbox, Calendar, etc. In this version many operations are identical to a real copy of Outlook – for example you can double-click to open an email, and you can turn on the Preview pane - but some more advanced functionality is not available. You can also look at any of your mailbox folders by clicking the button at the bottom left.

When you have finished you should log out and close the web-browser to prevent anyone else from opening your mail.


The IT Department’s Helpdesk is available on 01753–370 720 during normal office hours.