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Further details of tours


Planning a visit

  • Pre-booking is necessary for all groups. Please telephone the Visits Manager, Mrs Rebecca Hunkin, or Mrs Anne Coward (the Office Assistant) on 01753 671177/671157, fax on 01753 671029 or click Contact Visits Manager to send an e-mail.
  • Private tours can be arranged for a minimum of 14 people. Groups with special needs should contact the Visits Manager to discuss their particular requirements, and special arrangements for large groups may also need to be agreed with the Visits Manager.
  • Please note that last admissions are at 15.15 and that the Museum and College Chapel close at 17.00.
  • Public tours can be booked in the Eton College Visitor Centre or purchased on the day a few minutes before the tours.

  • Payment may be made in cash or by credit card.
  • Children under 8 are admitted free, as are those in wheelchairs and one teacher per school party.
  • The College is easily accessible by road or rail; please click How to Get To Eton for further details and for maps of the area.
  • The main entrance to the College is across cobbles. College Chapel is up a flight of stairs. Most of the rest of the College is readily accessible.

Coach Companies

  • FREE driver entrance
  • A credit and invoice facility for your visit
  • Bespoke Trade point of sale material
  • Familiarisation trips where you can meet the Visits team
  • Special rates


On the day

  • Security: The College requests that all bags, coats and personal belongings should be kept with the individual at all times. If this will present a problem for any individual, please ask to speak to the Visits Manager. Please also see Security Information for visitors.
  • Photography is allowed for personal use only. Please advise your group that photography is prohibited in the College Chapel and the Museum of Eton Life.
  • Groups sizes may be restricted. A minimum of 14 people are generally required for a pre-booked tour. For very large groups, special arrangements will need to be agreed with the Visits Manager.
  • Supervision for school parties is requested at all times and is the responsibility of the adults in the party; the organiser should ensure that all visitors are aware of what is expected of them. Children should be advised that running and shouting are not allowed either indoors or outdoors; this is for their own safety, for the convenience of other visitors and of those living and working in and around the College. A standard tour lasts an hour. Etonians should not be approached, shouted at or photographed.
  • There are toilets, including facilities for the disabled, in Brewhouse Yard.
  • First Aid — please contact any member of the staff at Eton if you require assistance.
  • There is a public telephone near the main entrance, a few minutes’ walk down Keate’s Lane. Please contact a member of staff if there is an emergency. 

Accessibility/Disabled visitors 

For Special Needs groups, please contact the Visits Office to discuss your particular requirements. Arrangements can be made for wheelchair users. The main entrance to the College and School Yard are paved with cobbles, so care needs to be taken if using a stick. College Chapel is up a flight of stairs, but has a disabled chair lift available on request. Most of the Museum is accessible to people in wheelchairs.