Eton provides games for boys of all abilities and all ages.

During your first year in the school, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities,  some you will be familiar with but others (the 'field game' for example) will be new to you.

You will be expected to choose one game each half to be your ‘major sport’. In addition, you will be given a brief taste during your first two halves of some of the ‘minor sports’ that Eton offers (chosen by yourself from a long list).

Games take place in the afternoon. The ‘slots’ are as follows:


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


2.20 – 3.40 and 6.20 – 7.30

2.20 – 4.30 and 5.20 – 7.30


5.20 – 7.30

2.20 – 4.30 and 5.20 – 7.30


Some boys will find themselves occupied in the majority of these slots. Others will find themselves required in only two or three, and will therefore have time to investigate some of Eton’s many games facilities for themselves. Many boys will play for school teams. Matches against other schools usually take place on Saturdays - your parents may want to come and cheer you on! This website will show them where you are playing when Eton is "at home" and enable them to follow your team's results over the season. During the week there are coaching sessions and inter-house competitions. Practically every boy in F block will play for his house in one or more of these.

New boys are asked to take a swimming test. Wearing games clothes and gym shoes you have to enter the water from the edge of the pool, submerge totally, swim 50 metres unhurriedly using any front stroke, tread water convincingly, and finally swim 25 metres on your back, all without taking a rest or touching the bottom or the side of the pool. If you find this hard, we will help you to acquire the necessary confidence and skills.

To find out more about games at Eton, click on;

Michaelmas Lent
Summer Minor Sports

A school as large as Eton needs a lot of playing fields. Most of them fall into two big groups, Agar’s (Agar’s 1, Agar’s 2, etc) and Dutchman’s (Dutchman’s 1, Dutchman’s 2, etc), but there are others dotted about the place (Austin’s, Square Close, South Meadow 1–5, etc).

Click here to see a map of central Eton including the playing fields; there is also a diagram in Fixtures that shows where the individual pitches are each half.