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Local Organisations

In addition to the wide range of charitable activities of its own that Eton undertakes, some other strong links with local community organisations have evolved.

The Eton Dorney Project.  Eton College, the Diocese of Oxford and the Parish of Dorney established the Eton Dorney Project in 1971 when it became impracticable for Eton boys to continue to visit the Eton Mission in London’s East End . The principal aim of the project is to help and educate young people through leisure time activity so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual needs. The college continues its association by the active involvement of some members of staff and by financial support, and is currently cooperating with the Diocese in a revision of the Dorney Project’s objectives to become an inter-faith centre.   This project will be enhaced by the involvement of the schools working within an Independent and State Schools Partnership in which Eton is involved.

The Poor’s Estate is an independent charity established in 1639 for the relief of need in the ancient parish of Eton. The college administers the business and the investments of the charity and is well represented on the trustee body. The principal activity of the charity is the Charteris Day Centre, which provides a highly beneficial service used by about 90 retired local people.

Henry VI, Founder of the College in 1440, made provision for Almshouses. Nowadays accommodation is available for up to six people who have a connection with Eton College and are in financial need. 

The Old Etonian Housing Association was set up in 1937  and its objective is to provide housing for those in need in Islington and surrounding boroughs. It has particular interest in providing housing solutions for teachers. The Management Committee, comprising mainly Old Etonians, has appointed Teachers' Housing Association as managing agent for its 53 homes in Islington. In addition to its provision of affordable housing for rent, the Association operates a home loan scheme for teachers to assist with house purchase which is managed by the Teacher Building Society. For further information please visit their website.