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College Library is open to researchers by appointment.  The readers’ room is open Monday to Friday 9.30-1 and 2-5  (except on bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year).

Readers with an appointment should report to the Porter’s Lodge. The porter will issue you a  visitor’s pass and will direct you to the library.

Reader registration

At the library, new readers must fill out a reader registration form. This is valid for one year, after which time registration must be renewed by completing a new form.
New readers (and readers renewing their registration) must provide proof of identity and proof of permanent address. Acceptable forms of identification are as follows:
Proof of identity (one of the following; photo identification preferred): 

•Driving licence †
•Bank or credit card
•National ID card †
Proof of address (one of the following): 
•Utility bill *
•Bank/building society statement *
•Credit card statement *
•National ID card with address †
•Driving license with address †
•Council tax bill/council rent book

* no older than four months

†  may be used as proof of address or proof of identity, but not as both

Original documents are required - not copies, faxes or printouts.

Letters of introduction
Students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are asked to supply a letter of introduction from a tutor or advisor, in addition to the documents above.