The Development Office
Eton College

Tel: 01753 671348
Fax: 01753 671183

The Development Office is located in Radcliffe House which is on Gulliver's passage on the High Street across from Baldwin's Shore


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A Message from the Provost

Academic institutions thrive best when interfered with least. Eton has the freedom to do what it thinks best for the education of Etonians. In an age of narrow utilitarianism and league tables, the school remains dedicated to an all-round education of body, mind and spirit. This dedication is only possible because Eton is financially independent. Contributions help ensure that this institution remains so.

Old Etonians will scarcely need to be reminded that all past generations of Etonians have benefited from the generosity of literally hundreds of benefactors who helped make Eton what it is today. The bursaries and scholarships, without which many boys could not have come to Eton, have been paid from the original endowment of Henry VI, the Camrose bursaries and the War Memorial Fund.  Buildings too have been funded by benefactors. In the last 60 years those built by the Farrer Trust are perhaps the most notable examples, but benefaction is a continuing process.

Over the last two years we have launched what we are calling The Campaign for a New Foundation.  We intend to raise at least £50m to foster excellence, variety, freedom of access and independence.

We are more than halfway towards our goal of raising £50m in the first instance.

William Waldegrave, Provost