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The MFW Fund

Known for personally helping boys in his house with the fees, the MFW Fund has been established in the form of a bursary as a lasting tribute to Martin Whitely, an Old Etonian, former Master and House Master at Eton.

Before Martin became a housemaster he was a gifted rider, winning Little Badminton twice and winning on his famous horse ‘The Poacher’ in 1965.  In addition to his great love of horses, he had many and varied interests:  singing and opera, the Beagles; the Corps; the Field Game and (possibly rather surprisingly) English Romantic watercolours, to name just a few.  Martin also taught an Options course, ‘Etoniana’, but his real achievement was in getting the best out of the boys in his house and guiding them through the enormous number of choices at Eton.

Helping boys at the school in the same way that Martin did, this bursary will support boys whose families need assistance with fees. In particular it will look to support  those showing strength in a field in which Martin had an interest.  The initial goal is to raise enough to endow a meaningful bursary, which would require at least £100,000. So far almost £80,000 has been pledged to the  fund.


Giving Back

Every gift matters. Regular donations can add up quickly and benefit from favourable tax treatment. The 1440 Society, recognising donors of £100 a month (or an annual equivalent) is a case in point. 

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To make a donation to this project please complete and return a donation form or click on the icon below to make a gift online.


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