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From The Lower Master

I am pleased to join with others in welcoming your son to Eton.The Lower Master

The centre of a boy’s life is his house, with parents normally dealing with their son’s house master, who will give much of his time to advising and supporting his boys. While your son is in the Lower School (F and E) matters of particular difficulty will be referred to me. Parents may want to discuss such problems and they should not hesitate to make contact with me.

There are a number of people available to give your son support and encouragement, and to provide an academic, pastoral and disciplinary framework throughout his time in the school. Apart from his house master, the dame will keep a particularly close eye on each new boy. Both house master and dame are readily accessible. Each house will also have a deputy house master and two assistants who regularly come into the house to help; they will get to know your son very well indeed.

Each boy has a tutor, who is concerned with the intellectual and personal development of the boys in his charge, and will meet them each week for tutorials in groups of about six, often drawn from different houses. If necessary your son may also consult, in confidence, either of the two school doctors or the school counsellor.

I look forward to getting to know new boys this year. Parents are very welcome to attend Lower Chapel and I hope to meet some of you then.

Bob Stephenson