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Photographic Archive

The Photographic Archive is built around a large set of historical photographs collected by the late P.S.H. Lawrence, a former Eton Master. The images date back as far as 1850 and provide a visual record of school life and its development over the last 160 years. Some of the most significant are reproduced in two volumes of An Eton Camera, the first volume covering the years 1850–1919, and the second 1920–1959.

The collection also includes photographs by renowned artists such as Cartier-Bresson, Jane Bown and Bill Brandt, who were commissioned to document Eton. 

The archive is used for teaching and interest groups. We also aim to make the collection available to individuals featured in the photographs, to their families, authors and research scholars. 

Further details and enquiries should be made to the Keeper of the Photographic Archive, click here to email.

** Please note we do not release photographs of people still living without their agreement **