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It is possible to be bored at Eton, but it takes a bit of effort!

Apart from the many sporting activities, there are many non-sporting activities for you to pursue during your years at Eton, ranging from music (about 800 boys visit the Music Schools every week for individual instrumental or singing lessons) to say chess (the Chess Club meets every week but has quite a small membership).

One activity that really stands on its own is reading. Every new boy is shown how to borrow books from the School Library, a general lending library with about 25000 books on the open shelves. It also subscribes to a wide range of newspapers and magazines, and has a large collection of music CDs which you can borrow. And there are extensive computer facilities too.

There are also a number of departmental libraries which you may find useful (ask your division masters to show you if you are interested), and there is College Library, an outstanding collection of rare books and manuscripts, which you may find of more interest when you are older.

If you enjoy journalistic work or imaginative writing, you should consider joining the staff of the Junior Chronicle, a magazine written and edited by boys in E and F and published two or three times a half.

And if you enjoy history, make sure that you visit the Museum of Eton Life and spend some time prowling around School Yard and the other ancient buildings in the centre of Eton — and don’t leave Eton after five years without ever having visited Windsor Castle!

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