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Bursaries and Scholarships

We are proud of our bursary and scholarship provision which last year saw 74 boys receiving 100% fee remission and a further 208 boys receiving a range of financial assistance. 22% of boys receive on average a 64% reduction in fees.  None of this support comes from fee income but entirely from donations and return on investments, for which we are incredible grateful for.

We want our school to reflect the diverse and varied world our boys are preparing for and to that end we offer a wide range of help from 10% fee remission through to 100% and more. Our aim is to have a full range of talented boys whatever their background, and it is our hope that in the future, we will be able to offer 25% of our boys some level of assistance with their fees. And even though last year, £6.5 million was spent on bursaries and scholarships, we are still not in a position to support every successful applicant. Thank you for helping us try to reach our goal. 

To fund a full Eton education for five years is approximately £230,000 including all extras, trips and possible school fee increments.


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