The Tony Little Centre in the Media 

November 2015: the TES visited the Tony Little Centre and reported on how it will act as a nerve centre for innovation and research in learning:  Putting ancient Eton at the cutting edge of research

January 2016: Director Jonnie Noakes talks to the TES about the work of the Tony Little Centre and about innovation in teaching and learning here

September 2016: The Week Independent Schools Guide reports on the work of the Centre for an article on Schools for the 21st Century on pages  13 15 16 &  18 

BSA: Eton boarding builds bonds for boys – January 2018

February 2019: Absolutely Education reports on our Growth Mindset research:
March 2019: Amazon Audible series on How to Outperform: 
March 2019: Leaders magazine on Character Education at Eton
May 2019 Eton pupils given lessons in gratitude


'The Role of Research in Schools': Symposium held at Eton College, 4th July 2016
This invitation-only event was attended by some sixty delegates from research-engaged state and independent schools, Further

Education colleges, and Higher Education colleges. There were seven speakers, including some of the UK's leading experts who spoke about the uses of research in schools.

1. The role of research in schools
- Introductions: The Head Master and Jonnie Noakes, Director of the Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning
- Working methods and overview of research in schools: Professor Bill Lucas (from 07:28)
- Discussion (from 34:20)

2. Engaging with research
- Evidence-based teaching: Mr Geoff Petty
- Using research to improve practice: Ms Philippa Cordingley (from 22:05)
- The role of professional learning communities in evidence-informed practice: Professor Louise Stoll (from 43:20)
- Discussion (from 01:04:50)

3. Engaging in research
- Improving education through measuring impact: Professor Rob Coe
- The embedded researcher model: Ms Laela Adamson (from 22:20)
- The complexities and potential pitfalls of school-based research: Dr Gary Jones (from 42:35)
- Discussion (from 1:00:00)