ISSPs: reporting on good practice

Independent-State School Partnerships: an initial review of evidence and current practices, by Bill Lucas, Louise Stoll, Toby Greany, Anna Tsakalaki and Rebecca Nelson (2017). 

“The study had three elements – a review of literature and a survey of current practices from the perspective of independent schools, undertaken in parallel, followed by an expert review and synthesis of these two sources of data. 
In doing this, we have taken a broad conception of possible impact from ISSPs, ranging from academic outcomes and school improvement, to individual well-being and issues such as community cohesion... In section 2 we review the evidence base and draw together some learning about school partnerships that we believe to be relevant to ISSPs. We offer the headlines of a taxonomy for describing different kinds of ISSPs. In section 3 we describe current ISSP practices based on a survey of independent schools and make some observations about these. In section 4 we bring together the findings of this short study making suggestions for the next stage of the research.” (p.4)

Music Partnerships















Partnerships in Practice Series 1: Music Partnerships I edited by Tom Arbuthnott with Peter Hutch 

Introduction: Ten insights into Music Partnership Projects I Tom Arbuthnott, Schools Together Group 

Case studies

Music in the Community I Ed Yeo, Eton College 
Noye’s Fludde I Simon Toyne, David Ross Education Trust 
Partnership Choir & Production I Peter Hatch, King’s College School
Romany Wood I Martin Leigh, King Edward’s School, Birmingham 
The String Scheme I Dale Chambers, RGS Guildford
Swing Band Tours I Tom Arbuthnott, Schools Together Group & Martin Leigh, King Edward’s School, Birmingham 
Wassail! I Catherine Barker, United Learning 
Young Leader Programme I Ann Wright, VCM Foundation

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Partnerships are the next revolution in the educational commonwealth