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Leisure and Sports Activities

Keen to develop the latest app, or your own sporting skills? Are you an aspiring musician, a budding reporter, or enjoy treading the boards or working backstage for productions? Perhaps you’re a fan of chess or cards, design, art, or the environment – in short whatever your interests are Eton has plenty to fill your spare time. 

We believe in encouraging our boys to discover and develop their own individual talents and passions. We also believe that it is the taking part that matters most and so our activities – particularly within games - cater for all levels. 

Games plays a big part in Eton life both as part of the structured timetable and as a leisure activity. During the first year boys have the opportunity to sample a wide range – including one or two Eton specific sports, such as the Field Game. We want to encourage a love of sport which continues right through a pupil’s life, regardless of their ability and so all levels are catered for. Matches against other schools are usually held on Saturdays and parents are welcome to attend. 

Our School Library also provides a wide range of reading materials, DVDs and CDs which boys can enjoy in their free time. 

If you enjoy journalistic work or imaginative writing, you should consider joining the staff of the Junior Chronicle, a magazine written and edited by boys in E and F and published two or three times a half.

The Eton College Natural History Museum is also open to boys and there is plenty of history around school yard and the other ancient buildings in the centre of Eton, as well as in nearby Windsor - don't leave the school without visiting the Castle!

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Weekend Activities

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