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In the Curriculum

Every new boy spends time in his first year in the design department as part of the MADPID programme (music, art, design, PE, ICT and drama).

He will undertake projects (lasting approximately six weeks each) in the principal areas of wood technology, engineering, CAD/CAM, and electronic products. This foundation course in design and technology is intended to introduce the extensive range of equipment and materials that is available for use both in and out of school.

The aims of the design course are:

  • to promote enthusiasm for and to give an insight into the subject by offering a broad range of activities
  • to give each boy the opportunity to learn skills and to experience the design and making of projects from resistant materials
  • to promote an awareness of the importance of new technologies and of manufacturing, engineering, and industrial skills in society as a whole
  • to ensure that all boys have an awareness of aesthetics and fitness-for-purpose in natural and man-made products

The department is well equipped in all areas. Among other things, we have around 40 computers to enable boys to experience computer-aided design and manufacture, and to integrate ICT skills into all aspects of their work in design.

Boys can the choose to take design in their second year and can then pursue the subject at GCSE and A-level.

Beyond the Curriculum

The department is open seven days a week in out-of-school time to allow every interested boy to develop his skills and achieve his full creative potential.