The College was instrumental in establishing the Mvumi School Trust, which exists to provide funding and support for the teachers and students of DCT Mvumi Secondary School. This school is located in the rural heartland of the central region of Tanzania. It was established in 1994 by the Anglican Church. The Trust is largely responsible for funding the reconstruction of the School. The Trust's sponsorship scheme funds the cost of nearly 80 student bursaries and provides funds for 50 scholarships. John Clark, former Senior Tutor, was headmaster of Mvumi from 2006 to  2009. He is a trustee of the Trust. A number of Eton masters have spent time on sabbatical at Mvumi and a number of OEs have taught there during their gap years. In 2016-7, Mvumi is one of the Eton Action registered charities.

Hands at Work

A number of Etonians have visited and supported the community of Amlew in Zambia over the past two years. The rural community of Amlew village is in the Copperbelt, the industrial heartland of Zambia, but many elderly parents in the community fail to qualify for the heavily oversubscribed employment in the local mines. Instead those lucky enough to find other employment resort to breaking stones into smaller pieces or making mud bricks for a meagre salary. With roughly 6 children per family in Amlew (one of the highest fertility rates in the world), many single-parent families, and prolific alcoholism across the community there are many children in extremely vulnerable situations who need support even to survive. It is here that Hands at Work – a Christian Charity – steps in through volunteers within the local community (‘Care Workers’), identifying the most vulnerable children and then providing 3 basic services to them, which include one meal a day, education and basic health care. Since 2011 Hands at Work have been supporting 100 children in Amlew. The intention, as with their other community-based organisations (CBOs) is to ‘graduate’ the community in around 5 years’ time. This is the point at which Hands at Work liaise with the Zambian Government and other Charities who are better equipped to deal with Communities who are better able to access public services.
The total amount needed to support 100 children for each year at the Community Centre in Amlew (bearing in mind the three essential services of food, healthcare, and education) is £18,000 per year. Hands at Work is an Eton Action nominated charity for 2017/2018, and a portion of the money raised from the Eton Action Fair will go directly to meeting some of this cost. Future trips are planned, with the next due to depart for Zambia in 2018.

World Leading Schools Association

The College is a founding member of the World Leading Schools Association, whose mission is to promote educational exchange and cooperation between leading secondary schools in China and the rest of the World. WLSA will seek to achieve its mission by bridging cultural differences and promoting further understanding between secondary schools, through striving to improve collaboration between leading schools and institutions of higher education around the world. T

International Boys School Coalition

The College is also a member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition which is a not-for-profit coalition of independent, parochial and state schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys world-wide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and the advancement of institutions that serve them.