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London Academy of Excellence 

The LAE opened in September 2012 and was the first Sixth Form College to be set up under the government's Free Schools scheme. It is academically selective and has a limited curriculum of 12 key subjects and admitted 200 students in its first year. The first cohort were presented for public examination in Summer 2014. Results were strong as a consequence of which four students took up places at Oxbridge and some 70 at Russell Group universities. In Autumn 2015, the LAE was named ‘State Sixth Form College of the Year’ by The Sunday Times. In Autumn 2019, 37 pupils from the London Academy of Excellence were successful in gaining places at Oxford and Cambridge – an extraordinary result for a school in its seventh year of operation.

Subjects are being sponsored by a group of six independent schools, each of which has a record of excellence in that particular sphere. Eton's engagement with LAE is on a number of levels. At an academic level, we support the delivery of A Level English with one master on part-time secondment to LAE.  We also offer every LAE student applying to Oxbridge a face-to-face practice interview. Eton also lends its name to one of the houses at LAE. There have been successful exchange visits to Eton and LAE by our respective pupils. Individual teachers from both schools have also organised visits to observe teaching and share expertise in various subjects.  At a governance level, the Head Master is a Governor; the Deputy Head (Partnerships) serves on the Education Committee and Eton's Director of Finance serves on the Finance Committee.

The other independent schools involved are: Brighton College, Caterham School, Forest School, Highgate School and University College School. We firmly believe in the benefits that our sponsorship of LAE bring to Eton particularly in relation to sharing best practice in learning and teaching methods and the professional development of the staff involved. We are also pleased to re-engage with Newham as a borough, where Eton has historically had a social impact through the Eton Mission.