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The Lent Half

In the Lent half you can play hockey, the Field Game and a variety of minor sports.

The field game is a form of football, which often seems confusing at first. It is like soccer in some ways — the ball is round and you are not allowed to pick it up — but the off-side rules are much stricter and there is also a small scrum or ‘bully’. You score goals much as in soccer (although there is no goal-keeper), and you can also score ‘rouges’ (which are something like tries) and attempt to convert them.

After a few practice sessions learning the rules, you may find yourself playing for your house in the 2nd Junior (mainly boys in F) or conceivably in the 1st Junior (consisting mainly of boys in E). Both teams play against teams from other houses.

There are 6 F Block teams in hockey. Matches against other schools take place throughout the Lent half, and there is  a junior inter-house competition too.

Once again six afternoons are devoted to minor sports. The list of sports on offer is the same as in the Michaelmas. You make a selection as in the Michaelmas and spend the six afternoons being introduced to a sport of your choice. Minor sports also exist as clubs with many matches against other schools.