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Messages for Eton College

Neither boys’ nor most staff email addresses are given on the website, nor do we normally release staff email addresses to enquirers; instead it is left to the recipient to reply. (However, it is possible to send an email to a house master. Click here to select house/house master)

There are some periods in the year when the school is closed (click here for dates) and there may consequently be a slight delay in responding to messages sent then.

Eton boys who wish to read their school email from home or elsewhere should click here for instructions.

It would be very helpful if the following points were noted.

  • Messages intended for individual boys will not be passed on, nor will their email addresses be disclosed
  • Messages intended for individual members of staff should make clear who the intended recipient is, by name or position
  • Eton does not use Gap Year Students or Student Volunteers
  • All job vacancies at Eton are listed here
  • Commercial advertisements will not usually receive replies
  • Senders of anonymous messages should not expect replies
  • We regret that we cannot undertake to give immediate answers to urgent questions by this route, nor can we answer open-ended enquiries (such as “please tell me how Eton works”) or respond to lengthy research questionnaires
  • We often receive enquiries of a genealogical nature, asking whether family members were educated at Eton. We do try to answer such questions, but such searches (through nearly 600 years of uncomputerised records) are very time-consuming and may therefore not be immediately answered. We hope such enquirers will bear with us
  • Messages in some languages other than English can be handled, but there may be a delay for translation
  • Information is gladly provided free of charge, but we cannot answer questions unconnected with Eton College
  • Please note that we cannot respond to questions for school projects. You should find all you need on our website.
  • Eton College is not a university

Enquiries about Old Etonians (or possible Old Etonians) can be made by clicking here.