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Other Old Etonians

Benenson, Peter (1921– ): Founder of Amnesty International
Brummel, George ‘Beau’ (1778–1840)
Charteris, Martin, Baron Charteris of Amisfield (1913–1999): The Queen’s Private Secretary, Permanent Lord-in-Waiting to the Queen
Finch-Hatton, Denys (1887–1931): Game-hunter and aviator, portrayed in Out of Africa
Fellowes, Sir Robert (1941– ): The Queen’s Private Secretary
Gladstone, Sir William, 7th Bt (1925– ): Schoolmaster and Chief Scout
Ilbert, Courtenay Adrian (1888–1956): Horologist
Knox, Alfred Dillwyn (1884–1943): Cryptographer
Lucan, Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of (1934–?): Missing
Lynch, Thomas, Jnr (1749–1779): Signatory of the American Declaration of Independence
Rowallan, Thomas Corbett, 2nd Baron (1895–1977): Soldier and Chief Scout
Wallace, Captain Ronald (1919–2002): Master of foxhounds
Wagner, Sir Anthony (1908–1995): Heraldic scholar