School, House, Independent and Curricular Drama Plays, 2017-2018

2017/18 season
Performances start at 8.15pm unless otherwise stated. Information was correct at the time of publication.

Michaelmas 2018

F Block Stage Crew Demonstration

Monday 10th September Farrer Theatre 5.20pm

The Theatre’s capacity is revealed by the Farrer crew in a demonstration which culminates with a stunning light show.


PGWHouse Play

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th September Caccia Studio 8.15pm

PGW presents The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde's much-loved comedy, featuring feckless suitors, formidable fiancees, and a famously ferocious future mother-in-law. Confused identities abound and a 28 year old mystery is finally solved. Full of glittering word play and brazen deceit, the whole is wrapped up in a world of privilege and power entirely supported by put-upon maids and butlers. Not only is this a brilliant and scathing commentary on Society, but a wickedly funny one at that.

Directed by Katya Allott

F Block Stage Crew Demonstration
Michaelmas School Play

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th October Farrer Theatre 8.15pm

Miller’s timeless classic is an unforgiving tale of betrayal, redemption and tragic inevitability. As the town of Salem is ravaged by rumours and fake news the fear of witchcraft destroys reputations and lives. How far are we prepared to go to protect the truth? How far can we protect our name?

Directed by Marco Liviero


Independent Play

Mojo by Jez Butterworth

Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd November Empty Space 8.15pm

Mojo takes us on a brutally funny journey through the seedy, amphetamine-fuelled, Rock’n’Roll underbelly of
1950s London.

Fast paced, terrifying, yet brilliantly ludicrous, this Tarantino-esque play catapulted Butterworth to his first
Olivier Award and sparked a new genre of British crime drama.

Directed by Will Comaish with Master-in-Charge HJRM


RDO-C House Play

Enron by Lucy Prebble

Thursday 15th - Saturday 17th November Farrer Theatre 8.15pm

One of the most infamous scandals in financial history is transformed into a theatrical epic. Mixing classical
tragedy with savage comedy, the fast-paced production follows the group of people who were responsible for
creating the financial monster that became the company Enron. The hot ticket of the west end in 2009 promises
to take the Farrer theatre by storm.

Directed by Rebecca Steel


GCSE Devised Pieces

Thursday 22nd @ 8.15pm & Thursday 29th November @ 6pm Empty Space

A program of inventive physical theatre created by GCSE Drama students.

Devised by the boys, assisted by RGS, RSH and GV

BJH House Play

Is He Dead? By Mark Twain adapted by David Ives

Thursday 29th November - Saturday 1st December Caccia Studio 8.15pm

Jean-François Millet is a talented young painter but is seriously in debt. With his debts mounting, and observing
that artists make more money beyond the grave, Millet decides to fake his own death and to return.….as his own
twin sister.

False legs, bald wigs, sausage dogs and a coffin full of stinking cheese are a few of the unintended
consequences. A fast paced, hysterical romp to end the Michaelmas Half.

Directed by Jonathan Barker


Performances start at 8.15pm unless otherwise stated. Information was correct at the time of publication. For more information on Farrer productions or ticketing please see AJM/PDAM or email farrertickets@etoncollege.org.uk