Small-Bore and Full-Bore Shooting

Shooting is a sport that has experienced a recent revival at Eton after a few decades of decline. There are two branches of the activity: the house shooting competitions which take place on weekday evenings and attract thirty boys a night, and the school shooting team.

For the house shooting each house selects two teams of four and they practise once a week for a team competition and a singles competition at the end of the half.

The school shooting team is selected from the best shots in house shooting and has boys from every block in it, unusual for a school first team. This team of eight boys shoots in the small-bore shooting range during the Michaelmas and Lent Halves. The range is in the roof-space above the gymnasium where the CCF installed a range a few decades ago. Members of the VIII therefore represent the CCF.

In the summer the team heads off to Bisley ranges to shoot 7.62 full-bore rifles once a week and it enters the National Schools event at the end of the half. This event has some 600 participants and covers a week of shooting. 2005 is the third year that Eton has entered the competition after a gap of a decade. The competition used to be a speciality of Eton in the early 1900s when the school took the first prize on a regular basis.