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The Summer Half

The major sports in the summer are rowing, cricket, athletics, and tennis.

The first time you take to the water in your  narrow sculling boat, it will all seem very wobbly, and you may indeed capsize — you won’t be the first Etonian to do so and you certainly won’t be the last — but you will very soon get the hang of things.

If you choose cricket you may find yourself in one of the school teams, which will mean nets and middle practices several days a week and matches on most of the other days. The rest of those who have chosen cricket take part in a junior house league competition, and most of them also play in matches against other schools.

Athletics and tennis are the other major sports in the summer. We have expert coaches in all the various disciplines, and there are numerous  matches against other schools.

As well as formal sports, many boys find the light evenings an ideal time for an informal kickabout with friends or a relaxed game of tennis.