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Thames Valley Learning Partnership

Eton College is very proud to be a founder member of the Thames Valley Learning Partnership, which was launched in September 2019 as an equal partnership of eight state and independent secondary-aged schools in Berkshire. We believe that educational experience is improved by meaningful and repeated interactions between schools of different types.

We aim:

– to provide collaborative and informative experiences for secondary-aged students across a range of subjects, thereby providing a variety of learning opportunities and diversity in social and cultural engagement.

– to ensure that staff across our schools are able to share their passion for their specialist subjects and good practice with one another, and exchange views about current educational issues.

In the first six months of its operation, the TVLP has organised a range of student workshops and interactive sessions. Subject-specific networks have sprung up between teachers in different disciplines and with different foci. We look forward to organising our first major student leadership conference in September 2020, which will bring together 20 prefects from each of our eight schools.