The Eton College Chronicle has been published regularly since 1863. Nowadays it is published every few weeks and combines the chronicling of the day-to-day happenings in the School with articles and reviews. Each issue is put together on site by a team of senior boys and sent to an external printing company for publication. When the printed copies reach Eton, they are distributed to current boys and Masters, and also mailed to subscribers outside Eton who have an interest in the School.

If you would like to read the current academic year’s issues, you will need to take out a subscription to The Chronicle. For further information please click here.

The Arts Review appears once a half and covers plays, films, and exhibitions, both within and outside the School. It also provides a forum for creative writing by boys.

The Junior Chronicle also appears once a half and gives boys in E and F an opportunity to publish their own writing.

The Lexicon magazine features articles about international culture and languages. It is written, edited and designed by boys and is published once a half.

Boys also produce special magazines, mostly with a literary and artistic content, for such occasions as the Fourth of June and St Andrew’s Day.