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School Fees & Extras

The school fee includes tuition, board, lodging, and the cost of most games activities and the majority of educational materials. In addition, boys incur variable extras, e.g. charges for music lessons, optional insurances, boat club membership and school trips.

Details of current fees are displayed below, and further information can be obtained from the fees and bursaries team.

I’m from East London, so it’s a completely different thing coming into a school like this – but it’s not as daunting as it seems.


Payment of Fees

At the beginning of each major school holiday, a boy’s school account is sent to his parents or other person responsible for payment. The school account includes the school fee for the following half (term), together with extras from the preceding half. School accounts must be paid by direct debit on the first day of the half or, at the parents’ option, in three equal instalments during the half (for which there is an administration charge).

Fees payable before joining the school

Registration Fee from 1 September 2021


Acceptance Fee for boys joining in Michaelmas 2024

£3,200. Of this, £500 will be refunded when the boy leaves the school, subject to settlement of his final bill.

School Fee (payable on the first day of term by direct debit)

2023/24 School Fee

£16,666 per half (term). There are three halves (terms) in a year. The school fees for each academic year will be set by the Provost and Fellows in the preceding May and all current and prospective parents will be notified by the end of the Summer Half.

Financial Assistance

Parents are asked to indicate if they require financial assistance when they confirm that their son will proceed with our Admissions assessment phase towards the end of School Year 5.  All bursaries are means-tested.


Music – 23/24 Academic Year

£360 per half for lessons totalling 30 minutes per week.
£540 per half for lessons totalling 45 minutes per week.
£720 per half for lessons totalling 60 minutes per week.

Additional Extras

School extras are billed in arrears and the level of charges varies depending on the activities a boy does while at Eton. Extras can vary greatly but are usually between £500-£1,000 per half. A full list of possible additional charges is available on the Parent Portal.

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ISI inspection, December 2021

Pre-Paid Fees Scheme

The school offers a pre-paid fees scheme which may be of interest to parents who have a capital sum available for Eton school fees. Putting a payment down in advance has the attraction of securing a chosen amount towards future school bills.

Pre-Paid Fees: Apply Online

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spent on financial aid in 2021/22.


Eton warmly welcomes bursary applications from parents who might, under ordinary circumstances, not consider Eton for their son for financial reasons. Eton has substantial bursary funds designed to widen access by enabling boys to come to the school at the normal entry age of 13, who could not otherwise do so, and to allow boys to remain in the event of an unforeseen change in family circumstances. No parents with a talented boy should feel that Eton is necessarily beyond their means. Both the registration fee and the entrance fee may be waived in case of parental need.

For boys entering the school at age 13 (Year 9), parents will be invited to complete a bursary application form when their son is finishing Year 5 and completed bursary application forms need to be submitted in September of Year 6. Published deadlines will be strictly adhered to.

All applications are subject to a detailed means-test. Parents should be aware that we do not have sufficient funds to satisfy all the requests received. A bursary award is made at the same time as a conditional offer of a place at the school is made. Bursary applications are treated confidentially and boys will not be aware of having a bursary unless their parents choose to tell them.

More information on bursaries can be found here:

Please contact the Fees and Bursaries team for guidance regarding a possible application.