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B Block

Whereas boys in C almost all study at least four subjects, about half the boys in B decide to reduce their studies to concentrate on only three. 

During the first few weeks of their year in B boys submit their university applications through UCAS. Many apply to Oxford and Cambridge, and almost all apply to a relatively select group of the best universities. Some decide to defer application until after their A levels; some apply but then decide to go through the process again if, for example, they obtain better results than they expected.

Historically between 60 and 100 boys have obtained Oxbridge places each year.

Increasing numbers of boys apply to (usually the best-known) American universities, and specialist help is available for the process, which differs extensively from that used by UCAS. Some apply to Trinity College, Dublin. Very few yet apply to universities elsewhere in Europe.

Boys sit internal examinations at the end of the Michaelmas half and take their final A-level examinations during the summer.