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The Computing Department

The computing department is in Queen’s Schools with two teaching rooms and a small, well equipped “lab” for extended development projects.

Eton’s computing curriculum focuses on the  following areas:

Using online tools and services to develop collaboration, research and creative skills

To develop key 21st century skills that can be used by boys in their learning across the curriculum, the first part of the course takes advantage of Google Apps for Education with an emphasis on the collaborative and creative functionality of services within Google Drive in particular (documents, spreadsheets, forms and sites).  Email prioritising, effective web research, presentation skills and social networking are also covered.

Game Design and Programming

Game design presents an engaging opportunity to learn the logic and troubleshooting processes involved in aspects of programming.  As an introduction to computer science, boys also learn about the history of the internet, how computers work, fundamental concepts as well as hands-on experience of HTML, CCS, Javascript, among other languages.  Boys may also make use of programmable devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, Microsoft.NET Gadgeteer and Lego MindStorms.

Tech Club

There is an active Tech Club run by the boys, which meets on a weekly basis and covers several aspects of computing from programming to web design and gadget development.  All year groups are welcome. 

Tech Café

The Tech Café is a community-wide service that meets fortnightly in school library to provide technology troubleshooting tips and tricks.