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School Accommodation

In large measure every Eton master has his own schoolroom, and boys move to masters rather than masters to boys. Schoolrooms are places where a master can put his own particular stamp on the way he chooses to deliver his subject, and he can arrange furniture, visual aids, audio-visual and computer displays to his liking without the inconvenience of moving from place to place.

Most departments also have their own common rooms, but unusually the school as a whole does not have a common room of the sort found in most other schools.

Almost all masters live in houses provided on site which they use for private business and tutorials, as venues for some meetings and societies, and as convenient places where boys can find them when they need to.


Every master is provided with a computer and most have a data-projector for use in their schoolroom. Increasing amounts of resource material including audio-visual resources are stored electronically on central servers which can be accessed during lessons as required. All boys and masters use email for routine administration and communication, and the school accumulates a wealth of data on boys for purposes of informing academic advice and choices of future study.

The school requires each boy to have his own computer, whether a laptop or a desktop, because confident use of a computer is a central skill in the modern world. The school offers new parents the opportunity to purchase a laptop or desktop through the school. The process is described elsewhere. To obtain access to the school’s network all users, masters and boys, must conform to a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and communication by email is governed by an email protocol. All boys are able to access the internal web from the rooms in their boarding-houses. The school expects boys to respect the limitations it imposes on them where the internet is concerned, and some advanced technical devices are deployed to monitor and filter internet access. Departments increasingly make use of web-based resources in the way they set homework, and encourage boys to use the internet for their projects, coursework, and private research.




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