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Design & Technology

Design and Technology at Eton is housed in the Design Department which offers a wide range of facilities including a CAD Studio, CNC machinery, Wood Technology, Engineering, and Electronic Systems and Control.

All boys coming to Eton will experience Design and Technology (D&T) in their first year during which they complete a foundation course gaining experience in the use of computer-aided design and manufacture, workshop theory and practice, and basic design principles. From their second year onwards boys may choose to take further D&T courses. Examinations may be taken at GCSE in Resistant Materials, and at AS/A2 in Product Design. The extensive facilities of the Design Department are available to boys for use in their free time throughout the week and at weekends.

The Design Society meets frequently, inviting speakers from the world of design and industry to talk to boys, so broadening their experience beyond the bounds of the school.

We believe that Design and Technology has much to offer as a subject since it brings together several strands of the broader school curriculum. Essentially a problem-solving activity, it requires an awareness of many factors including cost, ergonomics and a sense of the aesthetic, of materials and of manufacturing technologies. We encourage boys to achieve high standards of presentation and manufacture in production and outcome, despite the limited time available.

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