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F Block

Boys arriving at Eton in F block choose two modern languages to study during their first year, and whether or not to continue with or take up classical Greek.

The modern language choice is between French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, subject to certain restrictions. Boys can also study Arabic off-timetable.

They study two of the three sciences at a time, so studying each for two full halves during their first year.

All boys are required to study each of the other subjects on offer for the number of schools (periods) shown: English (4); mathematics (4); Latin (3); science (6); two modern languages (3 each); divinity, geography and history (2 each). Music, art, drama, PE, ICT and design are studied in rotation.

Boys do Extra Works (out-of-school work, homework) according to a strict schedule every evening and at weekends. EW are 30 minutes long and boys have 20 each week.

Each boy is assigned a tutor as an adult figure to whom to relate in addition to his house master.

The parents of F boys are invited to the school to discuss their son’s progress with those who teach him at the start of Long Leave in the Lent half.

Boys sit internal examinations called Trials at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer halves.

Music Scholars and Exhibitioners are entitled to some remission from formal teaching in order to create time for practice.