Continuing the Asian theme set by our previous meeting on Japanese teas, on Thursday 14th March the Infusions Society enjoyed a talk given by Georgina Chen-Prosser entitled “An Introduction to Taiwanese Tea”.

Following a presentation on Taiwan and the sheer variety of its terroirs and the distinctive style of tea production, we were able to sample repeated infusions of a high altitude Ali Shan Oolong tea. We were very lucky to experience a traditional Taiwanese tea drinking ceremony, which began with the warming of the cups in order to enable each elegant flavour to be brought out evenly and concluded with the short steeping and pouring of the Oolong tea. This wonderful insight into Taiwanese tea culture allowed us to appreciate the love and individuality afforded to each delicate cup of high mountain tea and perceive the personalisation of the ceremony to the differing tastes of the guests. All the boys had an incredible time learning about another culture, which we may not have experienced otherwise, and we look forward to our next meeting where we will have another opportunity to broaden our tea horizons.

Will Graves