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The festival will be full of work by Etonians past and present. Here’s a taster…

DOUBLE EDGE – over 40 current Etonians in 4 shows, 12 – 18 August

Thanks to the generous support of The Fred Hood Memorial Fund and the new Michael Meredith award, the Eton-based theatre company Double Edge Drama will be presenting four shows at the Fringe this year. For tickets, please go to and type in DOUBLE EDGE.

* Almost Nothing to Do with Frogs, an off-the-wall comedy by Dan Byam Shaw and Guy Clark, with music by Guy Clark. Aug 12 – 18, White Belly 14:50 * Apples, an original piece of devised dance theatre, first seen as the Lower Boy Play 2011, directed by Rebecca Steel with a driving pop score by Tom Recknell. Aug 12 – 18, Big Belly, 12:00 * Flames over New Jersey, as seen earlier this half in the Empty Space, an innovative new play incorporating a brilliant 8 piece jazz band, by Angus Graham-Campbell and Alex Fane. Aug 12 – 18, Belly Laugh, 18:20 * Spring Awakening, a radical reinterpretation of Wedekind’s tragic masterpiece with thrilling new choral music, directed by Simon Dormandy. Aug 12 – 18, White Belly 12:55

You can also visit to get news about Double Edge shows, follow them onTwitter or like them on Facebook


In addition, there are lots of Old Etonians performing, directing, writing and producing work on the Fringe this year. Below is a list of sixteen that we have heard about.

Amrou Al-Kadhi (ASR 08) acting in As You Like it; Ed Bartlam (DAE, RAAC 98), Chief Executive of The Underbelly; Nick Chambers (ex Director in Residence at Eton) directing The Golden Cowpat; Ivo Graham (CJD 08) acting / writing in Ivo Graham and Liam Williams and The Oxford Imps; Alex MacKeith (CWM, RDO-C 10) acting in As You Like it; Alex Owen (CHH, PBS 07) acting / writing in The Pin; Tom Palmer (ALHG 06) and Tom Stourton (ALHG 06) acting / writing in Totally Tom; Charlie Parham (GRP 10) directing As You Like it; Joe Parham (CWM 06) acting / writing in Kieran and The Joes; Al Roberts (CWM 05) writing / acting in Sheeps: A Sketch Show; Giacomo Sain (PB 10) directing Machinal; Ed Smith (JAP, MJP 07) acting / writing in Inheritance Blues; Hughie Stanley (CWM, RDO-C 11) writing / acting in LOLd on a Minute; Ed Wingfield (MJLB, JDN 10) acting in McClegg, Harry Williams (MAG 08) acting in Inheritance Blues; Charlie Wood (MAT 91), Chief Executive of The Underbelly.