On Friday 16th November a team of four Eton boys, accompanied by Ms. Squires-Parkin, participated in the regional round of the Senior Team Maths Challenge in London.

The event consisted of three rounds, during which the contestants had to solve different types of mathematical questions. In the first round, the team had to solve ten questions, worth six marks each. Eton very nearly succeeded in gaining full marks, if it weren’t for a particularly tricky last question. During the second round, the team had to split into two in order to solve a cross number, where

only half of the clues were given to each half of the team. Having attained full marks in that round, the team moved on to the final round: the extremely time-pressured Blitz Round. Unfortunately that round proved harder than expected and several mistakes were made at the latter stages, which prevented the team from obtaining the much-desired perfect score.

Overall, the team consisting of Buckley KS, Chow KS, Filatov KS and Yacoumatos KS came third in the regional final. We would like to thank Dr. Moston and Ms. Squires-Parkin for helping to prepare the team.

Daniil Filatov