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Profile: SE-J, Examinations Officer

Profile: SE-J, Examinations Officer

Covid-19 has infiltrated all aspects of our professional and home lives. Most prominently, it has severely affected Eton’s diligent Year 11 and Year 13 boys who no longer have the opportunity to sit A Level, Pre-U or iGCSE exams this year. In spite of such logistical complications, Ms Sabine Evans-Jones continues to provide incredible support as Eton’s Examination Officer. The Press Office were fortunate to be able to interview Ms Evans-Jones about her role at Eton and her personal involvement in the Covid-19 cataclysm.

Please describe your work at Eton and how long you have worked here.

I am the Examinations Officer here at Eton. I’ve been in this position now for eight years looking after all aspects of public examinations, university entry exams and administration of SAT/ACTs.

Has your passion for this field of work been a life-long one?

Education and working with young people have always been passions of mine. Pairing this with a knack for multitasking and a good sense of humour probably makes me a good candidate for this challenging role!

What personal interests do you have outside of the school environment?

I love cooking, reading and watching films as well as the outdoors, where I am currently restricted to my garden.

What are your personal experiences of the Covid-19 crisis and how have these affected your daily routine?

Due to a family bereavement we were all together as a family when we were told to stay at home.  Currently we are operating 4 home offices from our house, quite challenging as we all work in different industries.  It is, however, lovely to be together in these challenging times.

Because we have been quarantined, how will you continue supporting boys and teachers at Eton?

The coming weeks and months will be very challenging for me as my role is to keep the school and candidates informed about any developments regarding exams.  Once decisions have been made I will be responsible for ensuring that all information is passed on correctly, firstly to our teachers and then to the awarding bodies to ensure candidates will get the grades they deserve. After that we will need to work out how to disseminate the results, deal with appeals and carry on supporting our pupils.  Then the next step after that will be to possibly prepare for an ad hoc exam season whenever the awarding bodies and DfE announce the window.  Liaising with pupils and teaching staff about entries, organising venues and recruiting invigilators will keep me busy for a good while.

For variation I might just dig a pond or write a cookery book, maybe ‘1001 ways to cook with potatoes’!

We would sincerely like to thank Ms Evans-Jones for her commitment and support for the boys at Eton, especially during these difficult circumstances.

Toby Lawson JMG

DATE POSTED: 26 March 2020
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