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The Simeon Society on Unbelievability

The Simeon Society on Unbelievability

Last month the Simeon Society welcomed Justin Brierley, the podcast, television and YouTube host, and a vocal advocate of Christian belief and apologetics. His webinar illuminated the basis of his logical, evidence-based belief in God.

Mr Brierley believes that despite the rapid rise of atheism and secularism in modern society, empirical evidence points to God’s existence and his creation of humankind.  He presents a weekly show, Unbelievable, on Premier Christian Radio, and over the last 10 years, has interviewed many prominent atheists including Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown.

He explained that the regular debates that he has with prominent atheists have only deepened his belief in God.  In fact, he argues, atheism is itself a form of belief.  Using the analogy of rolling a die hundreds of times, he explained that the probability that the exact conditions needed for life to develop and be sustained, particularly in the intricate and unique manner that we are proof of, is next to nothing.  Even when considering the universe’s infinite expansion, he believes there is no reason for life to exist, particularly in the way that it has manifested.  Moreover, he spoke of something that every human feels by nature: a desire for the transcendent. Explaining that we all have a desire to be remembered and immortalised, he stated that this was highly unusual: with every other desire the tool to satisfy that longing can be found on earth and is readily available (such as hunger being met with food, thirst being met with water, and so on), and yet our desire for something beyond ourselves and our mortality can only be found by belief in God.

Mr Brierley believes that no scientific account of reality and human existence could account for a feeling of beauty.  Using the example of a friend who was raised an atheist but found God when first holding her child, he explained that feelings of parental love and admiration of the environment have no scientific reason, and although many may contest that, there is no doubt that there are certain qualities that we find in ourselves that cannot fully be explained by science.

He reminisced that when a conversation with Richard Dawkins, he found that if one takes a scientific approach to our purpose in life then our abhorrence to crime is as much a fluke as everything else in our universe, and that all our values are pointless and arbitrary.  In his words, ‘if atheism is true, then everything is purposeless” so why believe in it?

We thank Mr Brierley for a fascinating talk - his book is now available in the Eton College virtual library, and I am sure that a good number of boys will take advantage of that fact!

Hugo Roma Wilson AW

DATE POSTED: 11 June 2020
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