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VocSoc Discovers: Opportunities for Careers in Psychology

VocSoc Discovers the Opportunities for Careers in Psychology

VocSoc were fortunate to welcome Phil Wilson this month, who addressed a virtual audience of those considering a possible career in psychology. As Chief Psychologist at the Cabinet Office and Chief Assessor of the Civil Service Fast Stream, Mr Wilson was perfectly placed to speak about his specialism, occupational psychology, with a particular focus on human behaviour in the workplace and how to optimise performance.

Mr Wilson’s challenge at the Fast Stream Programme, which provides graduates with opportunities in the various branches of the Civil Service, is to optimise the intake process. The Fast Stream programme offers more than 1000 graduate roles every year, hundreds of apprenticeship and college programmes and several other streams of talent intake. In fact, it is the number 1 graduate employer in the UK.

Taking control of your own career education is a topic much-discussed at Eton. Mr Wilson agreed this was central to determining what you really enjoy, and where your strengths lie. He reminded the audience that there are five steps in securing a job once you’ve earned your degree: identify the sector you want to work in; have confidence in your ability to contribute to that sector; research the job you want specifically; seek out opportunities and finally prepare for the assessment section of applying for your dream job.

Psychology is a field that many boys consider, and Mr Wilson was keen to encourage this, helping to dispel some of the myths around it as a career choice. With a range of options, including health, clinical, forensic, sport, exercise and occupational psychology, he pointed out that whilst it is a challenging career, it is a rapidly evolving, dynamic and intellectually stimulating sector. He also reflected that whilst it is tough to try and objectively measure soft skills such as leadership or drive, it is challenges such as these that have kept him engaged throughout his career.

We thank Mr Wilson for such an interesting and informative talk.

Jakub Biszczanik AMM

DATE POSTED: 24 June 2020
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