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Henley Eights' Head

Henley Eights' Head

On Saturday the 8th of February the 1st , 2nd. Colts A and Colts B eights went down to the Henley Head Race to compete in, what was for many, their first time in selected crews. The course was 3km long and Eton faced competition in the form of archrivals Shrewsbury and other schools. The 1st VIII went off aggressively from start to finish and managed to beat Shrewsbury by 15 seconds, approximately four and a half boat lengths, placing second in the whole competition and beating university and club crews alike. The 2nd VIII lost to Shrewsbury’s 2nd VIII by 9 seconds. Both Colts crews had a productive day, with the Colts A winning their respective age group by 6 seconds. Overall it was a very good day with the Colts A and 1st eights maintaining an undefeated scorecard in their age categories so far this season.

Michael Evans (RPDF), Captain  of Boats

DATE POSTED: 08 February 2009

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