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Dr. Lionel Ginsberg, Consultant Neurologist Royal Free Hospital, London
Despite competition from the rescheduled visit of Dr. Ian Paisley, the medical society still managed a very respectable turn out for this accessible yet highly stimulating talk.
Dr. Ginsberg delivered what turned out to be one of the society's best talks, taking the audience through the basics of what a stroke actually is and culminating with a detailed explanation of cutting edge approaches being utilised today as part of the NHS stroke treatment strategy. 
The talk definitely provided great food for thought and resulted in a great number of questions being asked at the end. I must say that it was a great pleasure to host Dr. Ginsberg at the medical society and hopefully he can return in the near future to deliver another wonderful and insightful lecture.
Kaladerhan Agbontaen
DATE POSTED: 11 February 2009

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