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Eton MUN Society, Mozambique High Commissioner

This evening the Model United Nations Society was privileged to welcome the Mozambique Ambassador, His Excellency Antonio Gumende. The basis of his talk was on the Commonwealth and how Mozambique has become a highly esteemed member of the organisation – it is one of 32 smaller countries out of 50 which make up the Commonwealth. Probing questions were asked on whether Portugal’s relationship with Mozambique has drifted apart after Mozambique joining the Commonwealth, the effect of the Recession on Mozambique (whose GDP has grown by 50% in the past four years) and whether it is right to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. It was a stimulating talk and has painted a clear picture of Mozambique and its views which will prove invaluable as a team from the Model United Nations Society will be representing the country at the National High Schools MUN Conference in New York on 18th March. Freddie Brodermann
DATE POSTED: 05 March 2009

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