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Sub Aqua Society trip to Sharm-El-Sheikh

Over the Easter holidays, NA and DAG organised the 7th annual trip to Sharm – El – Sheikh, Egypt. Located on the very tip of the Sinai Peninsula, this is a mecca for divers from across the globe, as it offers some of the world’s finest dive sites. 6 boys, 6 old boys, 5 members of staff and a few of NA’s swim club left Gatwick on the morning of the 26th March for what would be another spectacular trip.
Having spent a good amount of time preparing their theory and practicing their skills in the pool with NA & DAG, the 4 PADI Open Water Diver students would have their first opportunity to dive in the ocean, and the rest of us were equally excited about returning to Sharm. This year we were particularly lucky to have a large number of Divemasters among the group, allowing the PADI Open Water Diver students a little more freedom, under their watchful eyes.
It was not all swimming and sunbathing however, most people on the trip were busily working for more certifications, spending a lot of their downtime either performing in-water exercises or brushing up on their theory. Garland (AW) and NPTL were particularly busy with their PADI Rescue Diver course, and those of us that volunteered as victims were impressed by their skills.
Congratulations must also go to all of our Open Water students, who not only completed their Open Water courses, but worked hard to get their PADI Advanced Open Water Dover course finished as well, rating them to dive down to 30m, and giving them experience of a variety of conditions, and a more in depth look at dive theory.
Our thanks to NA & DAG.
Adam Collins (RPDF)
DATE POSTED: 16 April 2009

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