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The Welling Society- Major Cliff Dare

The Wellington Society was proud to welcome Major Cliff Dare on the 28th April in the Marten Library. The Major is a Royal Marine Reserve in 42 Commando and has been on 4 tours in total; in the Middle East as well as Ireland. His insightful talk revolved around what it is like to be an officer in the Marines from training to “getting the green beret” and going on operations.
  The Royal Marines are a part of the Royal Navy, there are c. 7000 Marines and as their saying goes “for every man on the front, there a three in reserve”. They are an extremely unique force because there are so many different areas in which to specialise; from anti-armour to signallers.
Even though the Regular Army has superior numbers, the Marines make up for this with rigorous physical training, highly skilled soldiers and an exceptional fighting spirit. They are all about selflessness, determination and going the extra mile for yourself and your fellow ‘boot necks’ as demonstrated by the footage of Marines in many theatres of modern warfare including Norway and Belize shown during the talk.
The Wellington Society would like to thank Major Dare for such a ‘hoofing’ talk (Marines’ chat).

William Hillgarth and Benedict Windsor

DATE POSTED: 05 May 2009

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