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This week's matches were against Charterhouse, Reading, Gordon's and Essex Boys' Clubs.  The XI and the USA lost to battling and competitive Charterhouse sides, while both LSA and T1 overhauled large totals in excellent run chases.  76 for Shaw, 90 for Langen and 56* for Michael Roy were the highlights with the bat.  In a fantastic finish the XXXIII scored 60 off five overs (including a 7 from Ducam-Davis) to beat Reading 1st XI and Middle Club fought all the way with Charterhouse 2nds before succumbing right at the end.  The XXII played the Jacobites and won handsomely thanks to more runs from Willan and Humphreys and a good bowling display with Clowes in excellent form.  T2 made 236-1 in their match against Reading, 138 * for Woollhead and 96* for Curry, both recently promoted from T3.  T3 themselves in their match with Essex Boys Clubs had a rare result indeed - a draw.   T4 and LSD maintained their winning ways, as did T7 over on their home ground of Mespots 1. T5 lost, T6 didn't, coached expertly by the Annenberg Fellow, Anna Grotberg.  LSE won, LSC had a good game and won despite Hearsey scoring a century for Reading U15s.  These excellent contests can only be played out on good pitches, and our ground staff deserve tremendous praise for their skill and hard work in preparing good surfaces week in week out, surfaces that are vital for the performance and enjoyment of our players.


DATE POSTED: 21 May 2009

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