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Henley 2009

The VIII came up against Hampton, who invested heavily in the early part of the race, and weren't averse to crossing into our water and looking for a clash.  However, The VIII then pulled away dramatically, before again taking the rating (number of strokes per minute) down a long way in the second half of the race to conserve their energies.  The verdict was 'easily' (ie more than 5 lengths).
At one point, it looked like we had again broken the record to the Barrier, recording a time of 1:45.  However, this was later corrected to 1:49, which was not surprising as conditions were slightly less favourable.
Tomorrow, Friday, The VIII race at 1540 against King's School Chester, who today beat St Edward's quite comfortably, suggesting that they may provide stiffer competition.  For early birds, one of the races of the day may well be Belmont Hill (USA) against Abingdon at 0930; this is most likely to determine the finalist from that half of the draw.  Pangbourne vs Shrewsbury at 1440 could be close too, and will determine our opposition on Saturday.


DATE POSTED: 02 July 2009

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