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The tennis tour arrived back on Saturday 18th, close to midnight, having spent 2 weeks in Nice on the tennis tour.  Along with Robin Drysdale and Kate, I took 17 boys from F Block through to B block to spend a week at a tennis coaching academy followed by a week playing at some spectacular tennis clubs.
The tour would not have happened without the extraordinary generosity of our hosts, the Walicki family, whose son Sasha is in F block in MAG. Sharon & Albert Walicki offered us the use of their guest house and main residence and put all of us up for the full two weeks.  Had this offer not been made, the tour would not have been able to happen because we could not keep the price down to a reasonable amount - southern France in the summertime and the weak pound meant accommodation costs for a large party were frightening.
The boys had a week of coaching at the ISP Academy in Sophia Antipolis and then we had arranged training and matches at Beaulieu, Nice LTC and then for our final two days at the Monte Carlo Country Club.  Unfortunately some of the matches we were hoping to play didn't happen because the French seem to enter tournaments or go on holiday, but the highlight had to be watching Nihar Navapurkar (ASR) and Archie Burgess (MJP) each play singles against Colin Dowdeswell - a former Wimbledon doubles finalist - at the Monte Carlo Country Club.
The boys played some great tennis, were great company and seemed to have a wonderful trip.
My thanks to Robin & Pippa Drysdale, my wife Kate, the OERT&C who contributed, along with the Head Master and the Bursar who made some funds available.  The trip would not have happened without all this support and help, and again, the Walicki family - especially Sharon - who worked tirelessly on our behalf.


DATE POSTED: 28 July 2009

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