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Royal Economic Society Prize Winners

Royal Economic Society 2009 Young Economist of the Year Competition

Two Eton students have been placed in the top essays submitted for the Royal Economic Society Competition. This year's questions asked: Are economic recessions inevitable? There were more than 450 entries, well up on last year, from almost 200 schools and colleges. The overall standard impressed the RES Teacher Panel of fifteen judges, who met on 11&12 June. The final stage was judged by Charlie Bean, Stephanie Flanders and John Vickers.

The winning essay came from Tiffany Young (St Catherine’s School, Bramley).

The second prize was awarded to Doug Swift from Eton College. His essay was striking for its logical rigour (beginning with a discussion of the meaning of ‘inevitability’!). The work of Minsky found favour, particularly for his ‘Ponzi scheme’ analysis of cycles, and the recent work of Akerlof and Shiller was discussed in interesting ways too.

Joint third prize was awarded to Leander McCormick-Goodhart (RGGP). Leander gave perhaps the best-written account in the whole competition, discussing 1929 and the Asian crisis of the 1990s as well as recent events, and with interesting comments on the nature of Economics as a social science and the importance of psychology.

Geoff Riley
Head of Economics


DATE POSTED: 27 August 2009

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